Version history

Version Date Changes
1.0 6 Dec 2017 The original version.
1.1 22 Dec 2017 Added a picture for each section. Improved the mobile format of the main page. Added two links; minor content and design changes.
1.2 4 Feb 2018 Re-wrote the introduction. Again improved the mobile format of the main page.
2.0 30 Jul 2019 Implementation of the following changes:
  • Increased the number of sections from 24 to 40, with especially the human history part being expanded
  • As each section also became longer, the total website content was more than quadrupled
  • Summary and keywords for each section
  • Now two pictures per section instead of one
  • Various cross-references and a guestbook
2.1 17 Jan 2021 Minor design changes.

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